Welcome to Urbavore

Industrial agriculture has been around a long time. For nearly a century, large-scale, corporate farms have been the dominant force driving the global food system. Innovations in production, from irrigation and greenhouses, pesticides and GMOs have made food production cheap, fast, and efficient for these major international growers, and have facilitated the development of the massive, international food system that we see today.

This group of companies, though huge in scale and profits, isn’t very effective at delivering the fundamental promise of a food system: healthy, sustainable food for all, at an affordable price. Nonetheless, seed giant companies like Monsanto have asserted that their models are the only ones suitable to feed the world’s growing population.

But here’s the truth: Industrial agriculture has not, and cannot, end world hunger.

What’s more is, it cannot achieve this sustainably.

However promising at its inception, industrial agriculture has since proven to be inefficient at best, and unethical at worst. Not only has it been unable to deliver on its main objective, providing nourishment for all, the costs simply outweigh the benefits.

The UNFAO estimates that 795 million people suffer from chronic undernourishment. At the same time, in the United States alone, up to 40% of food goes to waste.

So if hunger shouldn’t be an issue, what’s going wrong here?

Access and affordability are still major challenges. Despite mass production, food prices, especially for sustainable and/or organic foods, remain high, and far too often consumers don't have the information to know what they are really buying.

Enter Urbavore.

The problem of food insecurity and its wide reaching effects are issues of central importance to our organization.

Hunger is unjust. The harm we do to our planet is unjust. The major corporations that run our food system are unethical not only to their employees, but to their communities and consumers as well.

We want to change that.

In the coming weeks, our organization will be sharing information about our progress in developing low-cost, sustainable, and space efficient home-hydroponics systems designed specifically to improve food security and reduce the environmental costs of food production. We want to be the world’s most sustainable hydroponics company, the world’s most ethical food business, and to contribute to ending hunger and environmental injustice in the process.

Welcome to the next food revolution. Welcome to Urbavore.