Urbavore Co-Founder Flynn Pollard presents at TEDx WVU

The Urbavore journey has always been about spreading a message of inclusivity and hope surrounding the future of our food and our planet. Our team members have built their careers with social and environmental impact in mind. This year, at the innaugural TEDx WVU Event, our co-founder Flynn Pollard visited his home state of West Virginia to share our journey and our vision with a new audience. The event, themed "Leading With Hope in a Changing World" brought together entreprenuers, scholars, activists, and thought-leaders together for a full day of discussion about how to build that hopeful future, even through the difficult challenges of our time.

We at Urbavore see the improvement of global food systems as a centerpeice in that conversation about creating hope.

As we see it, the interconnections between food security and other problems - including those ranging from climate change, global poverty, terrorism, and violence - represent important challenges for our global community.

We could say more here, but we think Flynn said it best in his TEDx Talk "Ideas: The Fifth Elemeent in Combating Global Crisis". Check it out here!

And to see more about the event, including other videos, follow this link.