Urbavore is a mission-driven social enterprise. We believe that changing the world requires not only engaged citizens and governments, but also socially conscious businesses that contribute to society beyond simply filling a market demand. Human rights, environmental sustainability, and social progress are at the center of our work. We believe that our food system is unjust, unsustainable, and insufficient to feed the world.

We are here to change that.

To meet our goal of helping to feed the planet sustainably, Urbavore operates not simply from the drive to make profit, but to meet our mission, achieve our vision, and live our values from start to finish. These guiding principles are what make us who we are.



Urbavore’s mission is to build a healthy future by empowering people to engage in prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive food systems.



Urbavore envisions a world where individuals, families, and communities are both food sovereign, and food secure, while maintaining a high standard of public health and environmental sustainability, where households are given control of food production and share a vibrant and deeply connected relationship with their food. We intend to provide our customers, partners, and beneficiaries with innovative, low-cost, easy to use, and environmentally friendly localized food production units that will transform food systems locally and have global impact. We will inspire our employees, partners, and customers to engage with food production, live healthier lifestyles, and share a positive relationship with our planet and its ecosystems.



Urbavore is guided by strong commitments to social and environmental responsibility which are embodied throughout our work. We believe in building networks grounded in integrity, compassion, inclusiveness, dedication, and a consistent quest for knowledge and improvement. We believe in fostering open dialogues, collaborative partnerships, and beneficiary oriented projects that will inspire innovation, create lasting change, and transform communities both locally and globally. We aspire to be a part of an international movement that unites individuals, communities, and organizations from all walks of life to embrace sustainability, connect with their food, and build a brighter future for the next generations.